Compounded Medications for Transdermal Pain Management

When other treatment options have failed, you could treat your pain with transdermal compounded medications. Call The Healthy Choice to get started.

Dealing with chronic pain will dramatically affect your life. What’s more, chronic pain, and the conditions that cause it, are often complex medical conditions that don’t have clear-cut cures or treatment options. Thankfully, many people struggling with chronic pain have found success in using compounded medications for transdermal pain management.

At The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy, we are committed to formulating the personalized medications our patients need to continue living life normally. Read on to learn more about what life with chronic pain conditions is like and how compounded medications could be used to treat chronic pain transdermally. 

Life with Chronic Pain

Living your life with chronic pain is often unbearable, if not impossible. This debilitating pain easily reduces your quality of life, makes it impossible for you to earn a living, or provide for yourself or your family. There are many conditions that have been associated with chronic pain. Some more common kinds of medical problems involving chronic pain include:

Unfortunately, many of the conditions that cause chronic pain are not curable yet. However, the symptoms they cause, including chronic pain, are treatable in several ways, including transdermally. 

If you have a medical condition not listed above and you are suffering from chronic widespread or localized pain, you may be a good candidate for transdermal compounded medications. Read on and contact your doctor to learn more about this innovative treatment for pain management. 

Compounded Medications to Treat Chronic Pain

The type of pain management you need will vary based on the type of medical condition you have, what medications you are taking, your overall health and family medical history, among other factors.

Many people suffering from chronic pain have benefited from transdermal medications. These can be applied through the skin in small amounts as a topical cream or patch. Once applied to the skin, the custom medication will then enter the bloodstream. In doing so, individuals experiencing chronic pain may see a reduction in their symptoms and hopefully be able to continue living their lives as normally as possible. 

If you are interested in transdermal pain management, you’ll need a compounding pharmacy to formulate your medication so you can get the personalized treatment you need, when you need it most.

Contact a Respected Compounding Pharmacy

Compounded medications for transdermal pain management may be the best way for you to get back to your life. To discuss transdermal pain management options, reach out to your physician or our compounding pharmacists here at The Healthy Choice compounding pharmacy. Contact us through the quick contact form included at the bottom of this page or by phone at 914-238-1700.